The Design Drawings for most Residential projects is performed in three basic phases. The cost is based on the complexity of the overall scope of work and the square footage of the areas being designed. Commercial and Retail Design work is on a per-project basis, or at an hourly rate, and will closely follow the phases listed.


Schematic Design

This phase includes the initial design meeting, and any measuring or documenting of existing conditions (if required), photographs, site plan review, and all other information or sketches provided at the time of this meeting. After reviewing the information, an initial Schematic Design is created. These drawings usually include one or more floor plans and elevations of the exterior or interior as necessary to define the design intent of the project.


Design Development

After the Schematic Design drawings have been reviewed, alterations and changes are made in a second set of drawings that detail the design more closely. This includes considerations for building and structural issues, interior and exterior finishes and materials, and possible grading issues concerning slopes, landscaping, etc.

These plans should be studied in great detail and it is suggested to be reviewed by the Builder or Contractor at this time before given signed approval to proceed to Final Construction Drawings. All issues determining construction types and methods, and building materials must be determined. The project may require review by local Building Officials, and/or Engineers depending on the scope of the project.


Final Construction Drawings

All floor plans and exterior elevations are drawn to scale for a last review prior to completion. Some minor changes that do not affect the overall dimensions or structure may be made at this time.

Final Construction Drawings usually include but are not limited to; DETAILED FLOOR PLAN(S) DRAWN TO SCALE WITH ALL NECESSARY DIMENSIONS AND STRUCTURAL MEMBERS AS REQUIRED, A FOUNDATION PLAN, EXTERIOR ELEVATIONS, AND CROSS SECTIONS DETAILING THE STRUCTURE. All windows and doors are sized and located accurately, and a General List of Construction Specifications is included. Specific Architectural interior or exterior detailing, cabinet layouts, electrical, HVAC and plumbing schematics, and material lists may also be provided in an additional set of drawings.


Construction Services

As the project progresses into the building phase, you may want our help to insure the house is being built as designed. EnvisionaryLines provides On-Site Consulting services as needed during the construction, acting as your agent through this process, providing Construction Monitoring schedules, or complete Construction Project Management.

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